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Avaya one-X Agent Solutions-Telesavers
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  • one-X Agent is the latest in Avaya's IP Softphone applications. one-X Agent brings the ultimate flexibility to the Contact Center. What is one-X? one-X is Avaya's Suite of productivity communication products for the Desktop, Contact Center and your Mobility {spelled FREEDOM!}. one-X Agent is used as a standalone Application in the Contact Center, in tandem with one-X deskptop Telsets and especially. for Contact Center Agents working from home in numerous configuration possibilities.
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Benefits of one-X Agent-Telesavers
  • Seamless Integration of Real Time Call Control Information
  • View Call Routing Information on-the-fly


Features of one-X Agent-Telesavers
New one-X Features New Features of one-X Agent
  • Closer Integration between the Contact Center Applications and the Desktop
  • Available Central management of one-X Agents
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