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Telesavers Wireless Services are available to you as a package or you may choose the Service you need Al a Carte. Since 1982 Telesavers proudly offers AvayaWireless solutions. Not only do we provide Wireless handsets for Avaya Communications platforms, we engineer the radio transmission requirements in your facilities. This includes proprietary handsets and the inclusion of a myriad WiFi and Cellular derived handsets, iPhones, iPads and endpoints. We provide engineered solutions to answer your specific needs. Our blending of expertise and solution knowlege is well know in the industry.

Avaya offers a variety of phones to extend the power of IP telephony over a wireless LAN. Highly scalable, these IP wireless phones are designed for a range of end-user needs and environments, and provide access to productivity enhancing features like conferencing and corporate directories. In-building wireless voice delivers many distinct advantages and benefits. It provides a secure means of untethering your workers while keeping key employees available to customers and co-workers. By facilitating communications, in-building wireless voice can increase workforce productivity. In addition, since wireless voice can work with and extend your existing IT infrastructure, it leverages your existing investment.
And with Avaya Intelligent Communications solutions, you can augment the benefits of your wireless voice solution by taking advantage of a converged IP network and integrate business-enabling applications.

As Corporate Communications shift to social and distributed models, keeping your people connected wirelessly is more important than ever. In this time of rapid communications momentum you need to use every resource available to maximize your most valuable asset - YOU!

The Avaya Wireless System may be configured as:
  • Supports up to 248 Handsets

  • Direct Digital Connectivity

  • IP telephony over WIFI connection

  • Walkie Talkie Capability
Key Benefit
  • Flexibility

  • Reliability

  • Scalability
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Avaya is the former Business Equipment Division of Lucent Technologies {2000} which was the former Business Products Division of AT&T {1996}.

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