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Guestworks functionality is a key component of Avaya's Aura platform offering

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The Guestworks Communications Server is the Heart of your Hospitality operation. As a component part of Avaya Call Manager, it provides seamless and fully automated Communications tying together Voice Mail, Property Management System, Call Accounting and Voice Mail. Remote Maintenance insures Quality of Service and five nine's reliability (99.999%).

We recognize the unique nature of the hospitality industry, and we work closely with industry experts to help ensure that your communications needs are met with the right solution. GuestWorks® communications system is an integrated, turnkey solution designed to free franchises and independent hotels like yours from buying communications equipment piecemeal and then having to spend valuable resources to keep the system running. This system is competitively priced and includes many standard features that are considered "extras" on competitive systems.

Whereas some of our competitors' solutions can consist of a telephone system surrounded by a variety of third-party, non-integrated adjuncts, the GuestWorks communications system integrates key hospitality features—such as Enhanced Attendant Backup, Automated Attendant, Announcement Services, Answer Detection, Crisis Alerting, Call Center, Enhanced Property Management System Integration (i.e., single link for switch, call accounting, and messaging)—within the architecture of the solution. Integration of critical components into a complete hospitality solution can help enable you to differentiate your hotel by providing value-added services for your guests.

Key Benefit
  • Specifically designed for the Hospitality Industry

  • Fully Integrated to PMS and Call Accounting Systems

  • IP Connections to PMS System

  • Digital Reliability and High Speed Internet Access

  • Proven Track Record

  • Preferred by Most Major Franchise and Management Organizations

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Explore the tangible and intangible benefits of fully deploying video conferencing to all users. The most common benefits cited are increasing collaboration between employees and improving workforce productivity. However, the report also explores business continuity success, travel reductions, and replicating face-to-face interactions in both small and large groups. This is the largest growth segment in the Hospitality Industry! As human endeavors dispersed around the globe, mankind worked to maintain contact and pass on information. Drawings in primitive caves were created to improve hunting techniques and identify good hunting grounds, smoke signals were used along the Great Wall of China to warn of invaders, and early telephones enabled rapid emergency communications with doctors and firemen. Modern videoconferencing is the latest technological solution to enable communications between people separated by great distances — and it provides the capability to communicate with the same clarity and purpose as if those people were in the same room. This clarity enables collaboration and creativity that are not possible with text or audio-based communications paradigms — paving the way to more rapid and effective innovation within businesses that deploy video communications capabilities and enable their employees to use it in the context of their daily business lives.

Avaya is the former Business Equipment Division of Lucent Technologies {2000} which was the former Business Products Division of AT&T {1996}.

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